Your Delivery Options & Request Form

Automatic Delivery – We deliver on a regular basis by use of a temperature-driven computer program  and/or by way of tank monitor reading.  We typically deliver when your propane level gets to around 30%.  

Our Pivot Monitors monitoring system gives an accurate daily reading of the propane level in the tank remotely. The Pivot Monitor will notify us on a daily basis to ensure we top you up when you need it most - automatically. These are available to our customers at a charge of $10.00 per month.

Timed Delivery – You can select specific times throughout a calendar year when you receive propane. Any other time propane is required, you would need to call in and place an order. This option is typically used on pool heaters and or generator-only accounts.

Will Call Delivery – We will deliver to your location only when you call us or complete the form below to request a delivery. Based on this method of delivery, you are required to contact our office via email or phone call when your tank is between 25% and 30%.  This is to ensure adequate time for delivery.  

If an Emergency Delivery is required, an additional emergency fee  may be charged to your account. 

Delivery Request Form

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